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Making Life a Little Better by Making Better Products
Better Life Technology is a producer and supplier of unique PVC vinyl floor covering for
retail, catalog, and commercial distribution and to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets.
Specializing in wide roll-out product up to 10 ft. wide! Various colors, patterns, & material grades available.

G-Floor Graphic Floor Covering Information

Buff Tile Parking Pad Graphic Garage Floor Mat Camaro Logo Graphic Print Floor Cover Camaro Logo Graphic Print Floor Cover Black & White Parking Pad Tile with blue border Black & White Parking Pad Tile with yellow border Raceday Checkered Parking Pad Mat with Red Brorder Parking Pad Graphic Floor Mat with Red Border Raceday Checkered Parking Pad Mat with Black Brorder Tuxedo Tile Parking Pad Graphic Garage Floor Mat

G-Floor Graphics for a showroom look in your business G-Floor Graphics for more of a showroom look

Add a showroom appearance to any room in your home or business.

Graphic G-Flooring give your showroom a better look G-Floor Graphics gives any room a showroom appearence

G-Floor Graphic roll-out flooring turns any room into a showroom.

Use G-Floor roll-out flooring for a real showroom look Add a showroom look to any floor in your business or home

Basement Garage Concrete Floor Protection home The Original Parking Pad
Concrete Floor Cover/Protector
Parking Pad Concrete Garage Floor Cover
Now available in many
"G-Floor Graphic" styles

BLT recently had a special order
to print some great-looking
red, white, and black checkerboard
flooring for a customer
Specially-printed 3-color checkerboard flooring

G-Floor graphic parking pad concrete floor mat

  Reduces amount of dirt tracked into home
  Easy installation—No adhesives required
  Helps prevent concrete deterioration
  Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate
  Prevents concrete, soil. & water contamination
  Overlap or butt together for seamless look
  Provides anti-fatigue benefit
  Hides cracks & stains in concrete floors
  Easy to move when cleaning is needed
  Easy to cut for custom fit
  Cushioned comfort for walking & working
  Thermal Insulation and noise reduction
  Ultra durable—Formulated to last for years

Granite-Spek Graphic floor covering in 9 granite-spek color styles
G-Floor Granite-Spek flooring is available in 2 granite-spek color styles

Granite-Spek style flooring in Buff and Tuxedo color
 Tuxedo Granite-Spek
 Buff Granite-Spek

How does G-FLOOR Roll-Out Flooring
compare with other vinyl floor coverings?

BLT G-Floor is 100% high quality polyvinyl throughout the entire product. Most other floor
covering options use high quality materials on only the top 10%–20% of their product and
laminate with lower-grade material that does not offer the same protection throughout.
Some products even have three layers of filler using the poorest quality materials available.
G-Floor is superior to all other floorng solutions that you can drive or walk on.
• G-Floor is solid polyvinyl and has the same resistance throughout the product top to bottom.

NEW! G-Floor Anti-Fatigue mats now with direct-print graphic design
Anti-Fatigue Direct-print graphic mats

• Realtree™ camouflage graphic in 3 styles
• Cushiony foam provides temperature barrier for use in cold conditions
• All anti-fatigue mats include 3/8" of closed-cell foam for comfortable standing

This durable seamless product transforms your garage into
a showroom for your vehicle in just minutes!

Any floor surface can become slippery in the presence of moisture and debris.
Proper care and cleaning of vinyl flooring will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.
Wipe up any oil, chemicals, or other fluids that may drip or leak from vehicle to prevent
hazardous, slippery conditions. Always dispose of hazardous materials properly.
Although the textured, patterned design of BLT flooring offers somewhat improved traction
compared to bare concrete, BLT makes no claim of G-Floor being slip-proof or slip-resistant.
There is no substitute for keeping a clean, well-maintained floor.

Purchase Online - BLT Floor Products —  Your Friend in the Garage Flooring Business
We offer free shipping and the guaranteed lowest prices on BLT flooring products Ribbed-Channel Pattern — All grades Coin Pattern Flooring — All Grades
Diamond Tread Style — All grades Levant Pattern — All Grades
All standard, stocked sizes, & colors are available from this vendor

BLT flooring phone:
Other BLT products offered by shown below
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Click here to request flooring samples from New & Featured
G-Floor Graphic products
• Epoxy & Epoxy Tile Imaged Mats
• Tile and Epoxy Tile

G-Floor Seaming Products
G-Floor Adhesive Products
Motorcycle Mat
Anti Fatigue Mats
Kennel Liner
Giant Cargo Mats


In addition to polyvinyl G-FLOOR® concrete floor covering,
BLT has developed a number of other products with unique properties and features
based on suggestions and positive feedback from our customers.
Please feel free to contact BLT with your product questions and comments
or to find out more about BLT.

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All BLT products  All BLT products are proudly manufactured in the USA - BLT floor covering protector BLT floor covering protectors are proudly made in the USA are proudly manufactured within the USA

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