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Seamless Trailer Floor CoveringSeamless Trailer Floor Covering

New for 2014 Welded Polyester Felt Backed Trailer Flooring
This new product which is 100% polyvinyl with a polyester felt backing is made to grab
glue tight and offers the same high quality and durability as the original BLT Trailer Flooring. With three backing options now available, BLT has the right product to accommodate your trailer needs and to protect your trailer flooring.

G-Floor with solid backing G-Floor with solid backing G-Floor with solid backing
The Original G-floor trailer flooring which is solid polyvinyl and has the same resistances throughout the entire product. Extremely durable vinyl last for years to protect your trailer deck/floor against rust, wood rot, chemical drips, and equipment damage.
  Ripstock Backing
The Welded Ripstock trailer flooring offers an even more durable flooring that is 100% polyvinyl with ripstock backing that help eliminate some of the expansion and contraction issues that are associated with other flooring products.
  Felt Backing
The Welded Polyester Felt trailer flooring offers the same durability and high quality as the Original G-Floor trailer flooring only with polyester felt backing which grabs glue tight. This felt backing gives the flooring an added layer of cushion, helps with the contraction and expansion issues associated with other flooring products, and assists with the ease of the permanent application process.

•Available in lengths up to 100 ft.
•Solid & Imaged patterns available in various sizes, thicknesses, colors, and textures.
•For more information on Custom Branding options for your trailer, contact us at BLT

Most BLT floor protection products are available in these popular colors.
Royal Blue
Midnight Black
Slate Grey
Forest Green
Brick Red

Most BLT floor protection products are available in these popular textures.
Coin Pattern surface textured material SMall Universal Coin surface textured material Rib-Channel surface texture material Diamond-Tread surface texture material Levant surface texture flooring material imaged texture flooring material
Universal Coin
Surface Texture
Optional Special Order Textures — Ceramic and Wood Grain.

 Covers entire trailer deck without a seam
 Prevents rust and wood rot-out of deck floor
 Extremely durable vinyl lasts for years
 Polyvinyl material is solid—not layered
 Easier to handle than stiffer materials
 Custom trim with utility knife
 Sizes up to 10 ft. wide x custom
 Standard colors: Black & Slate Grey
 Custom colors available
 Custom trim with utility knife
 Fresh scent--no rubber odor in trailer
 Textured suface provides improved traction
BLT trailer flooring with easy roll-out installation

How does BLT Trailer Flooring compare
with other trailer deck coverings?

BLT Trailer Flooring is 100% high quality polyvinyl throughout the entire product.
Most other trailer deck coverings only use high quality materials on the top 10%–20% of their product and laminate with lower-grade material that does not offer the same protection throughout. Some products even have three layers of filler using some of the poorest quality materials available.
BLT Trailer Flooring is solid polyvinyl and has the same chemical
resistances throughout the entire product top to bottom.
BLT Trailer Flooring is superior to all other trailer deck coverings available.

Typical layered vinyl flooring construction BLT Seamless Trailer flooring solid construction

Add BLT Seamless Trailer Floor Covering to protect your trailer deck
Roll out Seamless Trailer Floor Covering on your trailer deck
to help protect against chemical drips and equipment damage.

 Mats may be doubled with ribs up or down where more cushion is needed
 Ribs may be run side-to-side on trailer ramps where more traction is needed
 Seamless coverage improves sanitation in livestock trailers
by containing animal urine and droppings

10 ft. wide material allows for seamless corners
and side splash guard option:
Vinyl floor covering for tailers
 Material meets all safety regulations per Federal Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302
 Meets Ford specification BO 116-03 (interior vehicle applications)
 Meets GM 9070P flamability test. DNI (Does Not Ignite) denotes that
material does not support combustion during or after ignition.

Seamless Trailer Floor Covering
is manufactured in 85 mil thickness

G-Floor® 85 —  85 mil (0.085") base thickness — Industrial Grade
flooring base thickness diagram
Custom grades available with additional cost and lead time.

Aluminum Trailer Company & Motiv Trailers
G-Floor® Seamless Trailer Flooring is now available in ATC/Motiv trailers

The Source Company the best source for all your flooring needs
The Souce Company trucking and warehouse photos The Source Company
is a distributor of G-Floor
seamless vinyl trailer flooring.

Trailer World ** new & used trailers & parts and service

Also Available to OEMs:
Seamless Vehicle Floor Covering Seamless Vehicle Floor Covering

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