Give your Garage a Showroom Look

The appeal of a car showroom is often one of the mitigating factors that can dictate whether or not a consumer purchases a new car. Presentation does matter, and a showroom’s special flooring, lighting and the shape of the car can help sway a customer. Purchasing a vehicle is a special experience, and entering an elaborate showroom can make the experience seem even more significant.
Automobile enthusiasts often wonder how they can turn their garage into their own personal showroom. It’s only natural to want to show off a car that you work on and wax constantly. Especially if that car is a rare classic, a race car or a lavish purchase that made your friends envious. Installing the RIBBED™ G-Floor texture from Better Life Technology is an example of how you can give your personal garage a showroom look.
The Original Rib/Channel Pattern Floor Covering is easy to install and protects your garage from concrete stains and cracks. The floor is easy to tailor to fit the dimensions of your garage and provides an extra level of cushion for your feet when you are working on your vehicle. The design is available in a standard grade thickness level and in a commercial grade thickness level. Moreover, it is built to last and withstand the rigors of constant use. It also can prevent dirt and other debris from tracking into the home and will reduce the high noise level that you find in a typical garage.
In addition to all of the tangible benefits that the floor design provides, the seamless pattern also gives your garage the look of showroom in under an hour. When friends and family members enter your garage the flooring will evoke memories of entering an indoor car show or a local car dealership. You can get creative in how you park and present the car, much like the real showrooms do. The design will enhance the overall appeal of you vehicle, and of your garage.

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