How to Customize BILD® Print Media

If you are a creative strategist, marketing consultant, project manager or graphic designer, you may have heard of BILD® Print Media by now but are scratching your head about how to move forward with our printable flooring in your brand building initiatives. It’s a whole lot easier than you might think!

Imagine any image you can design on your computer in common graphic programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Then envision that saved graphic impression file (EPS, TIFF, PSD, JPEG, etc.) come to life printed on a custom vinyl floor

Developed to print sharp graphics at any size, BILD Print Media custom printed vinyl flooring material is a one-of-a-kind product suitable for a wide range of free-floating and permanent applications. It gives you the capability to use brightly colored, bold illustrations to convey your product image in any flooring environment. Move it, reuse it and recycle it.

BILD is perfect for floor POPwayfinding, tradeshow and event flooring, interior retail branding, stores within a store, custom commercial vinyl flooring, creative office floors and any other way you can think of to use cool floor graphics.  

While most vinyl print media comes in smaller formats of around 5’ wide, BILD is available in sizes as large as 10’ wide and 50’ long in vinyl roll out sheets for faster installation and fewer seams. BILD is designed for grand-format printing using UV digital, UV screen print, UV solvent and sheet-fed printers. Depending on the size, texture, thickness (from 35 mil to 85 mil) and color (clear or solids) you decide for your final graphic floor, printing is second-surface, mirrored underneath solid vinyl or top surface and protected by the industry’s toughest wear layer.

Our 100% premium polyvinyl flooring is tough enough to drive a car on and strong enough to withstand excessive foot traffic. Essentially, the entire BILD floor material is a whole floor wear layer. The design you so painstakingly spent hours creating won’t rub off under thousands of feet, and because we don’t use any fillers, graphics won’t deteriorate, crack, peel or curl so you make a lasting impression. BILD also improves traction to limit slips and falls.

Before you begin your custom vinyl floor project using BILD, we recommend these considerations:

  1. Find a BILD Print Media distributor or printer near you. You’ll want to consult with your printer every step of the process. If your printer isn’t carrying BILD, you should suggest they research our top graphic image printed flooring product. BILD is also available through Better Life Technology (BLT) directly.
  2. Discuss file sizes and formats to be sure your design is scalable.
  3. Assess the room and project layout. Determine measurements and note door and window placement. For example, you would want to avoid seams at any high traffic locations.
  4. We recommend staggering or offsetting seams when designing for a wall-to-wall permanent installation.
  5. BLT suggests designs have a 4-6” bleed, 3” overlap on end seams and 2” overlap on side seams.
  6. It is always a smart idea to consult with your client and obtain approval on all colors, layout and seam locations.
  7. Be sure to visit

Of course, BILD Print Media is not limited to advertising and marketing professionals. If you are a store fixture manager, interior designer or architect, build BILD Print Media into your initial project planning. So go ahead and have some fun! Take your floor steps beyond the ordinary and let your custom printed vinyl flooring take center stage with revolutionary BILD Print Media.

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