How Does FloorScore® Certified Vinyl Flooring Improve Your Home or Business?

At Better Life Technology™ (BLT) we take pride knowing our G-Floor® Universal Flooring product line is FloorScore® Certified to improve your quality of life at work, at rest and on the go. When you see the FloorScore seal of approval on any G-Floor® multi-purpose vinyl flooring, AquaTread® Marine Flooring for boats and pontoons and GrowFloor® greenhouse flooring, rest assured it has undergone a voluntary, independent certification program to receive such a coveted honor.  

What does it mean to be FloorScore® Certified? 

Being FloorScore Certified flooring designates that our commercial and residential vinyl flooring is safe for indoor use.  

The FloorScore program tests and certifies hard surface flooring and the materials they are made with to ensure they are in compliance with stringent indoor air quality (IAQ) emissions. Floor Score certification was actually developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and the flooring industry’s manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, additives and adhesives. Together they wanted to comply with strict volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission standards enforced by the state of California. And thanks to California, we all get to reap the benefits of the best flooring and cleaner air.  

For vinyl flooring products to get the FloorScore approval, they must undergo stringent testing to prove they will promote healthy air quality once installed in your home, business, grow room, transit vehicle, etc. Vinyl sheet flooring rolls that meet FloorScore standards are acceptable flooring for educational facilities and meet rigid requirements for healthcare flooring.  

So you know G-Floor® is safe for your family, your friends, your furry kids and your customers and commuters.  

Why is IAQ so important? 

Experts estimate that we spend 90% of our time indoors. If we surround ourselves with poor indoor air quality (IAQ), that can have a significant impact on our overall health. Poor IAQ has been linked to dizziness, headaches and a variety of long term health problems.  

Any product that passes the FloorScore test means it helps provide a cleaner, healthier environment. Think about all those places where you spend long hours working or relaxing. G-Floor FloorScore Certified vinyl flooring rolls and vinyl mats are a healthy choice for: 

  • Garage parking pads 
  • Workroom flooring 
  • Floor coverings for retail, office, and commercial and warehouse spaces 
  • Residential kitchens, baths, utility rooms, rec rooms and basement floors 
  • Kennel liners 
  • Trailer & Modular flooring 
  • RVs and other transit floor coverings 
  • Virtually anywhere there is a floor, healthy G-Floor® has you covered! 

What else does Better Life Technology™ and its family of fine products do to improve safety, health and overall quality of life? 

In addition to manufacturing high quality floor coverings that pass FloorScore certification, BLT strives to make life better by saving you time and money. 

  1. All our vinyl flooring products are made in the USA in the American heartland of Kansas. This saves on shipping and freight costs, lowers our emissions footprint and also helps create jobs that boost local economies right here at home. 
  2. G-Floor®, AquaTread® and BILD® Print Media are specially-engineered of premium 100% polyvinyl without layers and fillers so our flooring rolls last far longer than competitors before needing replacement. The most durable vinyl flooring on the market, BLT products won’t deteriorate from cracking, tearing, peeling, curling and denting even under excessive use, heavy equipment wear and tear or extreme environmental fluctuations.  
  3. Our rollout flooring is entirely waterproof to protect the subfloor underneath from harsh chemicals, oils, gas and other drips and spills. It inhibits mold and mildew growth which produces unhealthy microbes, bacteria and allergens. 
  4. G-Floor®, AquaTread®, BILD® and splatterguard™ easily clean with soap, water or inexpensive vinyl floor cleaners. No harsh chemicals needed. 
  5. Designed with the DIYer in mind, BLT flooring is easy to install without the added cost of professional installation. Our adhesives and finishing products also carry the FloorScore Certified seal of approval. 
  6. BLT‘s many versatile floor coverings are slip-resistant and help improve traction. Vinyl floors offer cushioning support and anti-fatigue benefits, too. 
  7. Universal flooring also reduces noise and provides insulating qualities to lower heating and cooling costs.  
  8. Vinyl floor mats are repositionable and reusable. 
  9. Today’s vinyl flooring is recyclable, leaving a smaller footprint for future generations and the planet. 
  10. We not only produce practical, high-performance flooring for homes and businesses, BLT designs flooring in a beautiful array of colors, textures and patterns to complement any setting. 

Next time you shop for vinyl tile or rollout floor coverings, be sure look for the FloorScore seal and the recyclable designation. And don’t forget to check the flooring’s warranty before purchasing! 

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