3 Tips on Installing AquaTread® Marine Flooring

Finally time to ditch the scratchy, moldy, stained carpet on the pontoon boat? Switching to AquaTread Marine Flooring is an affordable investment that will increase longevity and protect wooden subfloors from wood rot. Follow these simple tips and tricks to perfect installation.


What to Know Before Jumping in –

  • AquaTread flooring comes in three different styles- Solid, Simplicity, and Premier.
  • Before throwing a blanket over a mess, take a look at the pontoon’s subfloor and fix any damages. The plywood must be a strong foundation, free from cracks, dry and sanded smooth before installing AquaTread Flooring.
  • Allow the vinyl time to relax and flatten at least 24 hours before installation.
  • All stationary items like seats must be removed prior to installation.


  1. Check the Weather and Gather Tools
  • For best installation results, work when the weather is between 65-85°F so the vinyl doesn’t expand or contract.
  • Choose a Marine grade adhesive that specifically says safe for use with vinyl as some adhesives have harsh chemicals that could cause damage to AquaTread Flooring.
  • Gather a trowel for adhesive application, a utility knife for trimming, and a 100lb roller that can be rented to go over the vinyl after being adhered.


  1. Applying Adhesive and AquaTread® Flooring
  • Using the trowel, follow the adhesive manufacture’s installation instructions.
  • The best way to install AquaTread Flooring is to use the hinge method. Imagine a line split horizontally across the vinyl and think of working half the subfloor at a time. Start from the center where the “line” would be and work your way toward the end by unrolling a few inches at a time. Repeat for the other side.
  • After the vinyl has been placed, take the 100lb roller over the mat to remove any air bubbles, or wrinkles that could have formed.


  1. Trim Up the Edges
  • With the utility knife, trim around the edges and corners where the coping will be attached.


Adding AquaTread gives your pontoon a finished look before you head out to the lake this summer!

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