Better Life Technology, LLC

About Better Life Technology, LLC

Founded in 1998 by Don & Brett Sneed in Lenexa, KS, Better Life Technology, LLC (BLT) is the leading manufacturer of roll out vinyl flooring. From G-Floor Parking Pads to BILD™ Print Media Imaged flooring, BLT provides high-quality vinyl flooring for almost any room. Brett identified a need for an easy to install and maintain, durable garage floor protector, which led him to create G-Floor Parking Pads. Since 2004, BLT has added new color options, textures and dimensions, and has been featured in many home improvement magazines and television shows. G-Floor can also be found in more than 1,200 retail stores nationwide, as well as via a variety of online distributors.

The inspiration for G-Floor Parking Pads came after Brett tracked winter grime from the garage into the house, and all over his wife's new white carpet. From there, Brett realized there was a need for garage flooring that was easy to install, yet kept liquids and debris from entering the house. He worked with Don to develop the G-Floor Parking Pad, which is made of thick vinyl and rolls out for easy installation. They positioned G-Floor against traditional epoxy floors, which can take up to 16 days to fully install and are prone to cracking, staining and peeling if not installed properly. Because it is compatible with alkais and acids in concrete, G-Floor protects garage floors without breaking down the subfloor.

Made in the USA

G-Floor products are proudly made in the USA. Emporia, KS is the home of the BLT warehouse, manufacturing and distribution center, a 300,000 square foot space that houses everything to make G-Floor. BLT is a vertically-integrated manufacturer that creates the G-Floor product and offers it to distributors for resale. The Emporia, KS warehouse also houses the fulfillment center for online sales, catalog sales and retail distribution.

G-Floor Roll Out Vinyl Flooring

The foundation of the BLT product line is G-Floor vinyl flooring. The original G-Floor Parking Pad was the first product created by Brett, and features a unique ribbed channel design. This texture contains debris and liquids commonly found in garages, allowing for easy clean up and preventing the mess from being tracked indoors. G-Floor is also easy to install, with a simple roll out application and optional permanent adhesive.

While most vinyl flooring products are made with a 10-20% wear layer and filler material, G-Floor is 100% vinyl throughout. G-Floor won't crack, peel, split or otherwise deteriorate like the competition. This provides superior durability and protection for floors of any type. G-Floor is also resistant to chemicals such as battery acid, brake fluid, antifreeze, salt, mud and other chemicals commonly found in workspaces and garages.

Another advantage provided by G-Floor is the selection of dimensions from which to choose. G-Floor is the only roll out vinyl flooring on the market that comes in widths up to 10 feet. It is also available in sizes suitable for both single-sheet installations and covering entire floors. Despite being a large product, G-Floor Parking Pads and Universal Flooring has proven popular in home improvement stores across the country.

The line has since expanded beyond the Parking Pad to include RaceDay Peel & Stick tiles, AquaTread marine and boat flooring, and BILD™ Print Media imaged and clear floors. Each new application of G-Floor vinyl flooring has opened new opportunities for BLT to break into new markets with its exceptional product. From trade shows to displays, classrooms to retail stores, G-Floor vinyl flooring has become more than just a garage floor cover.