Observe this Independence Day Tariff Free with Premium Vinyl Flooring Made in the USA

Ever notice how many product labels on recent purchases say “Made in China?” If not China, maybe “Made in Taiwan” or “Made in Mexico” or even “Made in India.” Well… with politics at play, you’ll be paying a lot more for some of these products soon if you haven’t already. And it isn’t just the […]

Better Life Technology Celebrates National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

Every great business starts with a great idea and dedicated entrepreneurs to see it to fruition. The story of Better Life Technology (BLT) isn’t all that different from the millions of other small businesses that were created to solve a problem or fulfill a need. We are excited to celebrate National Mom and Pop Business […]

At Better Life Technology, We Keep Making Your Life Better with G-Floor®, AquaTread® and BILD®

It all started 20 years ago with a goal: Engineer an extremely durable, 100% premium polyvinyl flooring product that’s simple to install, easy to clean and serves as an attractive floor protector for commercial and residential uses. Better Life Technology has gone far beyond its first indoor garage floor mats, innovating above as well as […]

Choosing the Best Containers for Plants and Grow Rooms

For most beginners wanting to grow indoors, this is one of the first questions asked. The choice of your indoor growing containers will depend on your growing style and the final size of your plant. First and foremost, it’s all about the roots here. You want to give them the most optimum environment to absorb […]

New Technologies Enhance Cannabis Production in Large Grow Facilities

Two emerging products are making news in the cannabis cultivation industry. An innovative greenhouse flooring and an advanced greenhouse design are producing some big rewards for industrialized cannabis and large greenhouse growers. Let’s take a look at both in more detail. High-Tech Hybrid GreenhouseThe latest in greenhouse design includes a hybrid version of the traditional […]

G-Floor® and Better Life Technology celebrate 20 years covering the world’s garage floors and more by innovating above and beyond

Garage floor protector

Our Founders Don and Brett Sneed first decided to concentrate on a solution for tracking winter grime from the garage into the house, creating the first G-Floor® Parking Pad in 1998. Don’s daughter-in-law, Brett’s wife, had just installed white carpeting throughout the house which served as their initial inspiration. Brett developed the unique 10’ wide […]

New BILD SF Product Bringing Innovation to the Graphic Printing Industry

Better Life Technology, a leading innovator of vinyl surface coverings, announced today their BILD Print Media line has a new product on the market. Set to change the sheet fed, stream fed, and offset printing worlds, this vinyl substrate is perfect for quick, mass printing of graphics.   BILD SF (Sheet Fed) is designed for […]