Is BILD™ Print Media Only a Long Term Floor Graphic? Can I Use BILD for a Short Term Floor Graphic?

BILD™ Print Media is designed for short term floor graphics that are repositionable, reusable and recyclable or for long term floor graphics that are permanently installed or free floating and last for months or years.

Direct Patrons Using Promotional/Directional/Wayfinding Custom Graphics Flooring

Custom flooring graphics aren’t new but they are reemerging as a cost-effective marketing tool without the limitations of traditional media. Anything goes with custom image flooring – size, shape, design and color – and it’s easy to install and maintain. With more people looking down at their phones while they walk, marketers, branders and businesses […]

Why Should I Use Floor Graphics?

Gaining in popularity, graphic floors are a cost-effective, flexible form of advertising, brand building, PR and wayfinding that can actually enhance the overall guest/customer experience at the same time it is helping your business grow. Custom image flooring is an affordable alternative to expensive TV and radio advertising, print media, direct mail and billboards. Floor […]

BILD™ Print Media: State-of-the-ART Museum Flooring and Wall Coverings

The best museums educate visitors on the displays they so meticulously house. Whether you are a curator of priceless art, historical artifacts, scientific knowledge or even the habitat of animals and marine life, BILD™ Print Media has the floor and wall solutions to augment your guests’ overall museum experience. BILD is a 100% polyvinyl, one-of-a-kind […]

Why Use BILD™ Print Media vs. Custom Graphic Floor Stickers vs. Printed Floor Decals?

There is a BIG difference between Better Life Technology’s BILD™ Print Media vinyl floor graphics material and graphic imaged floor stickers and custom graphic printed floor decals. We’ll explain what each is, best uses and how these graphic flooring materials differ. The one thing BILD, floor stickers and floor decals have in common is the variety of graphic flooring applications these products serve. Cool […]

How to Customize BILD™ Print Media

If you are a creative strategist, marketing consultant, project manager or graphic designer, you may have heard of BILD™ Print Media by now but are scratching your head about how to move forward with our printable flooring in your brand building initiatives. It’s a whole lot easier than you might think! Imagine any image you can design on your […]

Seeing (and Feeling) BILD™ Print Media is Believing! Get Your Free Sample Box Today!!!

SDiscover Better Life Technology’s (BLT) revolutionary BILD™ Print Media custom vinyl floor graphics material and capabilities in our special edition Sample Box.  You’ll learn how you can use BILD niche graphic flooring and cool printed vinyl countertop graphics in your marketing and branding strategy, in your commercial location, in your retail environment, in your event planning and in so many other ways, […]

Why Use BILD™ Print Media for Indoor Floor Graphics?

Architects, interior designers, graphic designers and ad agencies are always looking for ways to alter the indoor landscape and enhance the space below our feet. Graphic image flooring and custom printed flooring allow you to be as creative as you want without space or project limitations. Once an overlooked space, the floor can now be the focal point […]

Today on this 49th Earth Day and Every Day, We Care about the Planet and our Environment

As the manufacturer of vinyl garage flooring, multi-purpose flooring and vinyl wall coverings, Better Life Technology (BLT) exists to fulfill the needs of Earth’s growing population. As a company, we strive to successfully meet this challenge in an environmentally-sustainable manner. Today, on Earth Day and on every other day of the year, BLT continues to improve on its existing green initiatives […]

Better Life Technology Celebrates National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

Every great business starts with a great idea and dedicated entrepreneurs to see it to fruition. The story of Better Life Technology (BLT) isn’t all that different from the millions of other small businesses that were created to solve a problem or fulfill a need. We are excited to celebrate National Mom and Pop Business […]