Wherever You Want Functional, Eye-catching Floor Protection, G-Floor® Coin™ Vinyl Floor Mats have You Covered

Highly-popular CoinTM G-Floor® Universal Flooring roll out vinyl mats look good while hiding floor imperfections and preventing further floor damage. Coin’sTM pattern is made up of slightly raised circles about the size of a quarter that grip for added traction and slip-resistance, making it a practical choice for garage flooring, commercial flooring and residential flooring. With so many redeeming qualities, Coin’sTM uses are virtually unlimited, making […]

How does G-Floor® help manufacturers and end-users keep trailers more safe?

Technically, G-Floor® trailer flooring can’t help you become a better driver or make trailering practices safer. But, we can help keep the inside of your trailer a safer and more comfortable place for you, employees, guests and equipment. So, we still like to think we are promoting trailer safety in our own special way during […]

How Wide is This Product? How Long is G-Floor®?

Some online retailers and brick and mortar stores display garage flooring, garage floor mats and vinyl flooring rolls, including G-Floor® Universal Flooring, in inches instead of feet. Because we use by the foot measurements (in most cases) on this website for G-Floor vinyl floor rolls, we wanted to do the work of converting for you. This simple Feet to Inches Conversion […]

G-Floor® Clear Solid Vinyl Floor Protector Goes Above and Beyond

Just as its name implies, our G-Floor® Clear Solid Vinyl Floor Protector “protects” your flooring investment. But there is so much more than meets the eye with our American-made, 100% premium polyvinyl clear vinyl floor rolls. This is one time where it is okay to boast about the exceptional value of the best clear vinyl […]

Today on this 49th Earth Day and Every Day, We Care about the Planet and our Environment

As the manufacturer of vinyl garage flooring, multi-purpose flooring and vinyl wall coverings, Better Life Technology (BLT) exists to fulfill the needs of Earth’s growing population. As a company, we strive to successfully meet this challenge in an environmentally-sustainable manner. Today, on Earth Day and on every other day of the year, BLT continues to improve on its existing green initiatives […]

Make a Plan for a Garage Makeover Before You Start

If you want to complete a dream garage makeover, upfront planning will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress. Before you even begin the de-cluttering and garage renovation process, consider these: What is the main purpose of my garage? Your garage might be simply a place to park cars and other wheeled toys like mowers, motorcycles, […]

Better Life Technology Brands Are Proudly Made in the USA!

When shopping for vinyl flooring, it is imperative that you understand what your prospective choices contain and how they are manufactured to make the most informed purchasing decision. There is a principal reason why G-Floor® is considered the Gold Standard of polyvinyl flooring, and it is one that is critical to determining the longevity of […]

Better Life Technology Celebrates National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

Every great business starts with a great idea and dedicated entrepreneurs to see it to fruition. The story of Better Life Technology (BLT) isn’t all that different from the millions of other small businesses that were created to solve a problem or fulfill a need. We are excited to celebrate National Mom and Pop Business […]

G-Floor® Receives Rave Review in Hemmings Motor News

See how to transform your garage or workspace into an attractive and inviting space using Hemmings’ recommendations for G-Floor roll-out matting and garage floor tiles.