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Taking a new direction in print media, BILD™ Print Media is a one-of-a-kind marketing method, manufacturing grand-format print media suitable for a wide range of applications.

G-Floor is specifically designed for printing in both UV and solvent inks on a second surface of your flooring. The material is extruded as a clear, flexible PVC product that provides the printed image below with a massive wear layer -- the thickest in the industry. Manufactured in widths of up to 10 feet and in both flexible 75 mil and semi-rigid 95 mil thicknesses, G-Floor Print Media provides protection of the images that competing flooring materials just can't match.

G-Floor Print Media does not just create floor graphics -- but Graphic Floors! Most competitors produce images printed on top of a floor material, allowing for a very limited and temporary application of that image. Thin wear layers and excessive filler makes these floors flimsy and short-lived. Even with the addition of laminates on graphic floors, durability was only slightly improved, but there were no solutions that provided long-term durability.

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G-Floor easily handles heavy traffic -- it's made to be strong enough to drive a vehicle on. BILD™ Print Media allows you to print directly to the product, mirroring the image for second-surface viewing. This process allows for greater durability, longevity, and versatility than traditional vinyl floor graphics.

The grand-format printer now has the endless opportunity of an expanded new marketplace. Whether flatbed, hybrid or roll-to-roll, G-Floor Print Media now gives the printer an exclusive, reliable media with unlimited marketing potential.

  • Reduces amount of dirt tracked into the home
  • Easy installation -- no adhesives required
  • Helps prevent concrete deterioration
  • Vapor barrier -- moisture will not penetrate
  • Prevents concrete, soil, and water contamination
  • Overlap or butt together for seamless look
  • Provides anti-fatigue benefit
  • Hides cracks and stains in concrete floors
  • Easy to move when cleaning is needed
  • Easy to cut for custom fit
  • Cushioned comfort for waling and working
  • Thermal insulation and noise reduction
  • Ultra durable -- formulated to last for years

The BILD™ Print Media line is composed of 100% polyvinyl throughout the entire product. Most other floor covering options use high-quality materials on only the top 10%-20% of their product. Then, they laminate the rest with low-grade material that does not offer the same protection throughout. Some products have three layers of fillers, which use a very poor quality of material. Because of this, BILD™ Print Media floors are strong enough to drive a car on with the same resistance all throughout the vinyl layers.

Though any floor can become slippery in the presence of excess debris or moisture, BILD™ Print Media comes in a variety of textures, which can help improve the overall traction of the floor. Proper care and cleaning can further reduce the likelihood of slips and falls, but, because of the sealed texture coat on the flooring, cleaning is extremely easy.

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