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BLT's specialized transit flooring is a high-performance material that is composed of 100% polyvinyl material. With the thick wear layer and the inseparable floor composition, imaged flooring can sustain constant strain, trauma, or water exposure, and not separate, crack, or break.

Most vinyl flooring options consist of three layers of material:

  1. The wear layer -- which composes around 10% - 20% of the floor's thickness -- is very thin and prone to cracking, scratching, or breaking.
  2. The image filler layer underneath the topcoat, which often takes the brunt of most scratching damage, distorting the image.
  3. The scrap filler layer, which serves as the "pad" for the floor, but is usually composed of fiber-board or cardboard material that is susceptible to water damage, easy tearing and breaking, or denting.

BLT's G-Floor material is made of a single layer of pure polyvinyl material, with the availability of a protected image being placed underneath the topcoat for G-Floor's imaged series. This image is welded into the floor, ensuring that it cannot be split apart or damaged from front or back.

These filler layers cause the floor to appear thick, but lack the structural integrity to last the elements and heavy traffic. Additionally, the filler layers are vulnerable to damage, denting, puncturing, and ripping. The G-Floor advantage is that the material is made out of a solid sheet of vinyl, ensuring that the material has no creases, seams, or breaks.

BLT Transit Flooring Advantages:

  • Covers entire floor without seams
  • Prevents rust damage and wood rot
  • Durable polyvinyl lasts for years
  • Flexible material is easier to handle than stiffer competitors
  • Custom trim with utility knife for easy customization
  • No rubber odor
  • Special textured surfaces provide improved traction
  • Slip, water, and stain resistant

More Info

For Buses

Protect the floor of your bus fleet with BLT's G-Floor topcoat. Whether you have a couple dozen passengers or hundreds at a time, the 100% polyvinyl compound will remain strong and undamaged trip after trip. While many bus floors contain thin wear layers that can easily become punctured, bent, cracked, splintered, or otherwise damaged, BLT's G-Floor can take anything that bus passengers can throw at it.

Additionally, the vinyl composition is resilient to staining and odor retention, making it easy to clean, regardless of what might be spilled on it. For the absolute best floor that you can get for your bus, BLT's G-Floor will deliver where competitors fall short. The 10ft width availability ensures that, no matter what the size of your bus, you will have as few seams as possible, further ensuring that the bus floor will be protected from exterior permeation.

For Rail

For mass transit and smaller facilities alike, BLT's Transit G-Floor provides the thickest topcoat wear layer in the world with a coating of 100% polyvinyl compound. Competitor transit flooring options contain layers of filler that is cheap to produce and easy to tear. With G-Floor transit, your floor is assured to withstand the test of time and, more importantly, the test of shoes.

It doesn't matter if you are transporting a few dozen or a few thousand passengers; the G-Floor was designed to be strong enough to drive a car on. G-Floor cannot be bent, broken, torn, cracked, stained, or fractured; it will outlast and outperform any number of passengers.

For Maritime

Maintaining a floor on a maritime vessel is a challenging and, at times, expensive task. Since most maritime floors are composed of filler layers and padding, they can easily get waterlogged, damaged, or be exposed to mold buildup during times of extended storage. Furthermore, maritime vessels that spend a lot of time in the sun, floors can become cracked and dried out because of UV damage.

G-Floor's Maritime floor is composed of 100% polyvinyl that is absolutely waterproof, stain resistant, mold resistant, UV resistant for maximum color retention and structural integrity. No matter what weather condition might occur, the flooring material is impervious to whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. Additionally, since the material is welded with a waterproof material on the back, water cannot permeate it from either side.

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