Durable Printed Flooring for Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

Bring the high-end look of hardwood, stone tile and custom epoxy into your home with G-Floor Imaged vinyl flooring solutions. With a number of beautifully recreated styles to choose from, you can have the look of expensive materials without the hassle of laying down individual tiles or planks. The realistic flooring graphics are printed on the underside of commercial-grade 75mil vinyl to provide protection from everyday wear and tear.

Protected Designs and Images

Made of 100% vinyl, G-Floor Imaged flooring provides long-lasting wear and exceptional durability. Your floors will have the same durability and easy maintenance of G-Floor vinyl floor coverings, with the look of expensive flooring materials. Whether you roll out the Wood Series in your kitchen, or Granite Spek in your garage, enjoy the benefits of vinyl flooring in any room of your home.

The G-Floor Imaged series comes in a special welded format. With this format, the image is embedded within the vinyl flooring, rather than printed on top or below a layer of protective covering. This way, the image is not on the flooring, but rather, a part of the flooring.

While most graphic flooring options consist of a vinyl floor with an image printed below a layer of protective covering, this is not how BLT does things. An image printed on top of a floor can easily become scratched, scuffed, damaged, cracked, or torn. An image printed on the bottom of vinyl can suffer water damage if there is ever a leak in the room where the floor is laid. G-Floor's imaged series makes it to where the image is part of the flooring so neither of these things can happen. Graphic floors are an investment; and one that should last. Most floors cannot deliver on this investment over the long term. But, with G-Floor, you will get a great image for many years to come.