T95DT24MB10P3 - G-Floor RaceDay Diamond Tread Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile - Midnight Black

Customize the look of your floors with “T95DT24MB10P3 - G-Floor RaceDay Diamond Tread Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile - Midnight Black” RaceDay vinyl tiles. These 12 inch square tiles are a great way to cover cracks and stains, while adding increased protection and durability to your floor. Mix and match with other great RaceDay Diamond Tread colors to create your own custom pattern, or lay out a single color. Simply peel and stick to update your floors in minutes. Perfect for garages, mud rooms, workshops, laundry rooms and many other spaces in your home, warehouse, office, store or commercial space.

G-Floor RaceDay Peel & Stick vinyl floor tiles are made of specially formulated, 100% polyvinyl. At 95mil thickness, these tiles are rigid enough to stand up to wear, but still flexible enough to conform to your floors. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing helps protect your floors by keeping air gaps from forming beneath the tiles. By providing a moisture and vapor barrier, RaceDay tiles help extend the life of your subfloors while adding a showroom look to your space.

  • Made in USA
  • 12x12 inch square tiles
  • Thick, ultra-durable 95mil 100% vinyl
  • Resists chemicals and debris
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backing
  • Peel and stick application
  • Contains 20 tiles
Image: Better Life Technology, LLC
Item No.:T95DT24MB10P3
Product Name:G-Floor RaceDay Diamond Tread Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile
Color/Appearance:Midnight Black
Thickness:95 mil
Texture:Diamond Tread
Size:10 Pack