Solid Color Parking Pads & Roll Out Vinyl Flooring

The G-Floor Solid Color Series is the foundation of the BLT product line. Choose from one of four great textures to protect your floors while adding a touch of personal style. From the classic Ribbed channels to the rugged Diamond Tread, the stylish Levant and attractive Coin, the Solid Color Series brings superior durability and functionality to your concrete floors.

The Gold Standard of Garage Flooring

Made of 100% PVC, the G-Floor Solid Color Series is a durable option for any garage or workshop. Use a single pad for your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle or ATV, or cover the entire floor from wall-to-wall for a seamless look. You'll still get the same high-quality vinyl flooring to protect your floors from common garage debris and liquids. Keep your floors clean from battery acid, antifreeze, brake fluid and more with the G-Floor Solid Color Series.

The material used in BLT's G-Floor solid color series is a powerful polyvinyl blend that renders the floor impervious to damage normally caused by extended or extreme use, heavy storage, or chemical spills. G-Floor is strong enough to drive a car on and can withstand the test of time far longer than any other competitor.

Easy to clean, install, customize, and maintain; G-Floor is truly the gold standard of garage flooring options. Whether you want to cover your entire garage in a layer of polyvinyl, or just have a solid, durable, and traction-friendly parking pad, BLT has the options to beautify your garage in minutes without the hassle of excessive adhesives, complicated installation regimens, or tedious preservation rituals. For the best garage floor that you can possibly get, check out the extensive line of BLT's Solid Color series to provide a clean-cut look that will provide the simple function of protecting your garage floor in spite of any wear and tear.