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Gym & Activity Vinyl Floor Covers

Cut down on repair and refinishing costs by using roll out G-Floor vinyl flooring. From basketball courts to activity rooms, vinyl flooring makes a great option to add temporary protection to any floor. Just roll out the 100% vinyl gym floor protection sheet for any activity and enjoy the durability and easy clean up for G-Floor vinyl flooring.

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Gym & Activity Roll-Out Mat Products
ImageItem No.ProductColorThicknessWidthLength
GF55LV944MBV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV944MBV - Midnight Black GF55LV944MBV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV944MBVMidnight Black55 mil9 ft44 ft
GF55LV944SGV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV944SGV - Slate Grey GF55LV944SGV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV944SGVSlate Grey55 mil9 ft44 ft
GF55LV960MBV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV960MBV - Midnight Black GF55LV960MBV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV960MBVMidnight Black55 mil9 ft60 ft
GF55LV960SGV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV960SGV - Slate Grey GF55LV960SGV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF55LV960SGVSlate Grey55 mil6 ft60 ft
GF75LV944MBV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV944MBV - Midnight Black GF75LV944MBV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV944MBVMidnight Black75 mil9 ft44 ft
GF75LV944SGV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV944SGV - Slate Grey GF75LV944SGV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV944SGVSlate Grey75 mil9 ft44 ft
GF75LV960MBV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV960MBV - Midnight Black GF75LV960MBV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV960MBVMidnight Black75 mil9 ft60 ft
GF75LV960SGV - G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV960SGV - Slate Grey GF75LV960SGV G-Floor Activity Floor - GF75LV960SGVSlate Grey75 mil9 ft60 ft

How does BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring® compare with other vinyl floor coverings?

BLT G-Floor is 100% high quality polyvinyl throughout the entire product. Most other floor coverings only use high quality materials on the top 10%-20% of their product and laminate with lower-grade material that does not offer the same protection throughout. Some products even have three layers of filler using some of the poorest quality materials available. G-Floor is solid polyvinyl and has the same resistances throughout the entire product top to bottom. G-Floor is superior to all other floor coverings that you can drive and walk on.

  • Graduations
  • Dances/catered events
  • Tumbling
  • Dance practice
  • Sports practices
  • Indoor gatherings
  • Assemblies
  • Charity Events

The greatest benefit to BLT's Roll-Out activity mats is that the uses it can serve are limitless. So many events done in a gym have the chance of damaging expensive basketball floors. Wood gym floors are great for certain sports, but if you want to use that space for anything other than those sports, you risk scratching or denting it, rendering it unusable to a certain degree. This is where BLT's activity mat comes in handy.

Value Proposition for Activity Mats

Some gym floors can cost up to $200,000 to replace and somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 to repair -- depending on the extent of the damage. A well-placed activity mat during times of heavy use, high traffic, or potentially damaging activity can prevent the need for such replacement. A single dent in your gymnasium floor can be a root cause for further warping and cracking -- particularly if you use a lacquer or polyurethane finish. Quick patches can be applied to some damaged floors, which will sustain them on the short term, but the only real way to be certain that such damages wont stretch into larger, more significant issues, is to utilize a protective mat like the ones offered by BLT.

Cleaning and Maintenance

BLT's Activity Mats are easy to clean and maintain. They can be sponge moped, as needed and will not hold stains or moisture. The sealed composition of our activity mats ensures that moisture and residue will not soak into the mat and cause lasting damage. Additionally, the pliable material means that heavy items will be less likely to leave marks. Ideally, the mats should be stored in a dry location.