A Parking Spot Your Motorcycle Deserves


Are you tired of parking your treasured motorcycle over oil-stained concrete? Or wish you could park your motorcycle without damaging the kickstand? If so, you should look into purchasing a BLT Motorcycle Mat from Better Life Technology.

Our state of the art flooring can be tailored to custom fit any type motorcycle. Available in tough and extra-tough thickness levels, our durable floor can help reduce your tire flat spots and extend the longevity of your kickstand thanks to our exclusively designed "MM" grade material that resists the impact of motorcycle kickstands. The ribbed design of the mat will also control all liquids, debris, dust, tools and other small objects that come into contact with it.

Additionally, one of our custom Motorcycle Mats will visually enhance the look of your motorcycle while it is parked your garage. Rather than having it atop unappealing cracked or stained concrete, a mat from Better Life Technology will give your motorcycle a professional look that is often used by showrooms. The flooring is easy to clean, maintain and is built to last. The Motorcycle Riders Club of America (MRCA) gave our flooring a 100% recommendation to their members as a result of the floor's overall quality, effectiveness, design and protection among several other standards.

You do not have to own a motorcycle to enjoy the myriad of benefits that a Motorcycle Mat will provide. The 5x10 foot mat is easy to trim and can be the perfect size to store a tractor, golf cart, four-wheeler, three-wheeler, dirt bike or lawnmower. Or you can even park the front of your car over it to protect your garage floor from fluid leaks. Whatever it is you need to put in safekeeping, a Motorcycle Mat from BLT can protect your concrete floor, vehicle and add a visual charm to your garage or storage shed.