BLT's Clear G-Floor Graphic Media in Ceramic


Better Life Technology's G-Floor is the best in class in solid and imaged vinyl flooring options. The material is 100% polyvinyl and is impervious to traditional signs of wear and tear resulting from frequent or extraneous use. The G-Floor Clear material serves as one of the finest floorings to protect a designed, logo, or patterned floor. This is because the material is made out of a 75mil polyvinyl blend that protects the underlying image from outside damage from regular use. The G-Floor clear option is available in a clean-cut and dependable ceramic texture, which has great versatility, offering a wide variety of options depending on the appearance of the floor.

Because the design of the flooring is not directly printed on the surface of the flooring, the clear vinyl layer may be cleaned with any abrasive or chemical products traditionally used on vinyl floors without worrying about damaging or otherwise distorting the image below. The clear material may also be vacuumed, polished, or waxed as needed without damaging the design. The printing is done on an under layer beneath the clear polyvinyl material, making it nearly impossible for the printed design to be broken, damaged, scuffed or otherwise scratched during times of extreme use.

The material may be used in outdoor settings as well. Though dense temperatures, prolonged water exposure or excessive moisture can lead to the image appearing cloudy or spotty, the original appearance of the design will return upon the material drying. Additionally, with the use of our BLT TopCoat material, this cloudy appearance in moisture can be curtailed or eliminated altogether in favor of a crisper and cleaner appearance. The TopCoat may be applied upon printing.

While binding adhesives are not required for the installation of our clear material, it will help with holding the flooring in place.

The BLT Clear G-Floor offers:

  • The thickest wear-layer in the flooring industry
  • No fillers used, offering complete protection of the image
  • May be installed as stand-alone or applied with adhesives
  • Available in diamond tread, Levant, ceramic, or wood-grain patterns
  • UV inhibitors, preventing distortion of the image over time
  • 100% PVC vinyl commercial-grade material

Ceramic 75 mil Packaging, Weights & Dimensions


All G-Floor Graphic Material is tightly wrapped around a 4" core with the Ceramic surface texture on the inside of the roll to ensure the surface texture is protected. It is then wrapped in a white cushioning material, which is then wrapped in a heavy duty wrapping paper and sealed with packaging tape. Once securely wrapped, it is shipped via a capped tube.

Sizes & Weights:

4'x8' - 18lbs
5'x10' - 40lbs
5'x25' - 86lbs
5'x50' - 160lbs
10'x25' - 172lbs
10'x50" - 290lbs