Extending the Life of my Rollout Floor


Like any sound investment, owners of rollout garage flooring must perform occasional maintenance to extend the life of their floor. It is important that owners keep a clean floor in order to obtain maximum performance. Although it is very easy to clean your rollout floor, not following the proper procedures could lead to stains or slippage.

Rollout garage flooring from Better Life Technologies is not only easy to install, it's also easy to clean. Customers can clean their floor in the garage, or can simply move it outdoors to wash off. You can use normal soap or detergent for the task. We recommend using cool water while your brush with a broom or squeegee.

If you have tough stains or debris, feel free to clean it off with a generic vinyl floor cleaner. Using a vinyl cleaner can help with your floor's durability and endurance. However, keep in mind that if you do not use a slip protector floor cleaner, the surface of your floor may become slick. The floor is not stain-proof so be cognizant of the chemicals you choose to use to get your spots out. Many of our customers have had success using a spray-on brake and tool cleaner to remove their stains with only slight product discoloration. These sprays can be found at just about any hardware store.

When you've finished cleaning your floor, we encourage you finish off your maintenance with a covering of floor polish. It will add a durable layer and make your floor more aesthetically pleasing.

Anytime you clean your rollout garage floor, just try to keep things simple. The most basic solution is often the best solution. The harsher the chemical, the more you are putting your floor at risk. If you ever have any questions about cleaning your floor, please refer to our G-Floor Adhesives & Coatings web page.