Flooring Tips from Tony - Installing RaceDay Peel & Stick Tiles


This DIY product is available in 2 finishes. A smooth Levant (orange peel texture) available in 3 colors. Or rugged Diamond Tread texture, available in 12 colors. The tiles are "Made in USA" with 100% vinyl for a durable and long-lasting finish. The products are easy to install and are offered in sizes 12" and 24".

Recently, a consumer called in to inquire about the easiest way to cut and fit tiles. This conversation brought up a great opportunity to offer installation tips to make it easier for DIY customers. Because G-Floor RaceDay tiles are premium vinyl tile, they may be more difficult to cut than that of other vinyl products. There are a few simple steps to an easier installation that produces a long lasting finish.

  1. Start with a smooth floor. This keeps from imperfections showing thru.
  2. Clean the floor. Floor must be clean; free of grease, wax, dirt, oil and dirt.
  3. Analyze the layout of the room. Treat the room as rectangle. Find the center point, and measure from one end to the other to find and mark the center. Make sure to do both length and width. Then using a chalk line divide the room into 4 equal areas.
  4. Now you're ready to install the tiles. Start in the center of your room and stair step each tile, focusing on one area at a time. Continue laying your tiles where you can without cutting the tiles. Do not rush this process as the tighter the fit the better the finished job will look.
  5. When you get to a tile that requires you to cut it, use a utility knife and cut it upside down and backward so that when you flip it right side up, it fits the space correctly. We recommend using a measuring tape to get it exactly cut to size.
  6. Extra TIP: use a sharp blade in your knife and change frequently, you can also use a heat gun to make cutting easier but don't over heat the tile.
  7. After installing all of the tiles, use a 75lb roller to assure proper adhesion (a standard kitchen rolling pin will work as well). Use a caulk to fill in edges or vinyl cove base.

-- Tony Spracklin, BLT Project and Installation Manager