Garage Floor Protection


Garage floor protection mats provide you with a superior yet simple solution to protecting the porous concrete flooring of your garage. Garage floor protection mats are available to you here at Better Life Technology, LLC. We have several high quality floor protection mats available for you. These mats are made of non-porous PVC material that provides maximum protection for your garage floor. They will protect the porous concrete floor of your garage from corrosive substances like oil, brake fluid, battery acid and antifreeze that could do damage to it. The mat acts as a barrier so that these substances won't come in contact with the bare concrete floor, thus preventing gradual deterioration. It also has a unique rib construction that helps channel liquids away and controls debris. They also help in keeping out and reducing dirt from coming into your home. The ribs also provide you with a non-slip walking surface that offers good traction for your vehicle. And not only that, these protective mats from BLT can transform your ordinary garage with a showroom look that will make other people take notice of it. You can have your choice from several designs that provide you with superior protection along with an attractive look.

BLT Coin-Pattern garage floor mats offer you far more superior benefits when compared to other garage floor protection methods being used. Epoxy coating on your garage floor can provide you with an effective barrier against a lot of corrosive substances. But when it comes to application convenience, epoxy coating on your garage floor may be too time-consuming for comfort since preparation is the key for effective protection. Improper coating of the garage floor with the epoxy paint may also result in you having to reapply a new coating again and again until you get it right. With BLT garage floor protection mats, you do not have to go through these hassles. The mats are simply rolled out onto your garage floor and that's it. There is no need for you to use adhesive in order to keep the mat in place. They can easily be trimmed to fit the garage contours and can be overlapped for that seamless look. BLT garage floor protection mats also provide you with a more economical alternative compared to using interlocking garage floor tiles which can cost you more per square foot when compared with our superior product. When it comes to durability, nothing can compare with BLT's garage floor mats. Other garage floor coverings are vulnerable to chipping, cracking, peeling and scratches with constant use. This gradual wear and tear can lead to costly reapplications in just a matter of years. BLT superior garage flooring is manufactured from tough, specially formulated PVC material that can last even after years and years of constant use.

You do not have a better garage floor protection solution than with what BLT offers you. You can have your choice of different designs that can instantly transform your own garage into a showroom. We have rib patterned mats available that can give your garage floor a more streamlined look. We also have coin patterned mats that you might prefer as well as diamond tread pattern mats available in several color options. Whatever pattern you choose, you can be assured of maximum protection for your bare concrete garage floor that will last for years. Our durable vinyl mats are not exclusively used for garage floors only. You can also use our other vinyl mat products to cover your vehicle floor from dirt and grime. We also have mats available to cover trailer floors as well as cargo mats for trucks, vans and SUV's. We also have mats for your motorcycles as well as mats that you can use for your workshop floors. There are several other products available for you at BLT. You can be sure of getting the best protection for your flooring that will last even after several years of continuous use. With BLT protective flooring solutions, you can have beauty, functionality and affordability all in one product. Now, that is a deal too good to miss.