Getting Your Garage Prepared for Winter


Beautiful leaves, football season, school buses and apple cider are just a few indicators that fall is upon us. Fall is a truly wonderful season, but is also a reminder that winter will soon be here. Late September to mid October constitute as wonderful times to begin your winter preparation before the temperatures start to get too low.

As anyone who has a garage could tell you, winter means wet slush and salt in your garage, which will eventually end up in your home. A fun and easy way to protect against this accumulation is to install your own RaceDay Peel & Stick Tile. Introduced to the market in 2008 by Better Life Technology, the flooring offers a myriad of benefits to consumers. Not only is it a superlative option to protect your garage floor and home from winter, it is also quite easy to install. The only tools that you will need are a utility knife, straight edge and something to mark the floor.

The tiles are available in our popular Diamond-Tread Pattern and in our fashionable Levant Surface Texture. The Diamond Tread Pattern offers improved traction over bare concrete and appeals to people who are devoted to spending time in the garage to work on their treasured automobiles. The Levant Surface Pattern is our most economical choice, and has a velvety feel to it. Regardless of your preference, both patterns are superior products that will protect your garage floor and will reduce the amount of dirt, slush, salt and other debris that are transported into your home. Each floor surface can be easily washed and are available in an assortment of fan-favorite colors.

If you would like to protect your garage floor by purchasing one our widely-acclaimed RaceDay Peel & Stick Tile floors, please click here to find a supplier near you.