Potential Issues Caused by a Concrete Floor


Concrete is an economical flooring option that is most often found in garages, basements and warehouses. Concrete floors have several advantages, as they are durable and do not require much maintenance. However, a plethora of problems can arise from having bare concrete floors.

With water being a main mixing agent in concrete, excess moisture can cause several disconcerting problems for home and business owners. For starters, it can be easily stained from oil and other liquids. Moreover, if the area is damp it can cause efflorescence and change the colors of your concrete. Too much water in the concrete can also create microbial growth and create a very slippery surface. Also, it can lead to unpleasant cracks in your concrete floor. Those cracks can be hazardous and will trap excessive amounts of dirt and other debris.

Some people choose to use floor coverings to avoid any potential issues with a bare concrete floor. However, a plethora of issues can still occur if there is too much moisture in the concrete. Most floor covers require an adhesive during the installation process. Excess moisture can cause the adhesive to deteriorate, ruining parts of your floor covering and making you feel like you wasted your time and money installing a new floor cover.

This is one of the reasons that Better Life Technology wanted to create a floor covering that did not require an adhesive. Installing our G-Floor Roll-Out Garage Flooring is an uncomplicated process and only takes minutes. It protects your garage floor from stained concrete and covers the cracks in your concrete floor. It also provides improved traction over bare concrete and is manufactured to last for years