Preventing Stains On Your Garage Floor


A stain on your garage floor really takes away from the aesthetic of the room. When you invest a lot of time into fixing up a garage or a workspace, you don't want something as minor as a stain or scuff mark from a tire to ruin it. Thankfully, a new G-Floor product from Better Life Technology has been introduced to help combat the problem and block stains on the garage floor.

The flexible stain blocker is designed to keep marks from tires, or marks from other items, as well as liquid stains from oil, anti-freeze and lubricants off the floor. It differs from other products on the market because it allows you to lay a coating on the floor without adhering to it. With other stain blocking products, when you roll up the garage floor mats, the topcoat will crack or loosen. The flexibility of the G-Floor stain blocker is unique.

This is an additional product to add on to any of the other solid color garage floor mats available. For lighter colors or digitally imaged products, the stain blocker coating is highly recommended. They are more likely to stain without a topcoat.

"The G-Floor product from Better Life Technology is an outstanding product. The release of the Stain Blocker allows consumers, car dealerships and other commercial locations to have a worry free floor that installs with the ease of BLT G-Floor," stated Justin Krauss, President and Co-Founder of Garage Flooring, LLC. working environment.