Showing Your True Colors


Fans of Better Life Technology's Anti-Fatigue Mats can now enjoy an actual graphic design on their mat. The new mats are available in three different camouflage graphic designs, including two that incorporate the celebrated Chevy logo.

An Anti-Fatigue Mat from Better Life Technology can serve a variety of different purposes. For openers, the mats can provide a cushion of comfort to homeowners or employees while standing at their workbench. The mats are comprised of a 3/8'' foam layers, and the extra comfort ensures that you are not standing on bare concrete, which should make things easier on your back, legs and feet.

Additionally, the Anti-Fatigue Mat channels liquids, making it a less slippery surface than bare concrete would be, especially during the winter months. Further, each mat is equipped with a temperature barrier to ensure that the mat remains serviceable during throughout the duration of winter. Add in the fact that the extra cushion will help diminish breakage rates, and it becomes evident that the mat is a fruitful purchase.

Now, thanks to the new direct-print graphic design, car enthusiasts can display which car brand captures their hearts, or can display their affinity for the outdoors.Our state of the art flooring can be tailored to custom fit any type motorcycle. Available in tough and extra-tough thickness levels, our durable floor can help reduce your tire flat spots and extend the longevity of your kickstand thanks to our exclusively designed "MM" grade material that resists the impact of motorcycle kickstands. The ribbed design of the mat will also control all liquids, debris, dust, tools and other small objects that come into contact with it.