The Benefits Rollout Garage Flooring


In order to preserve concrete floors in a garage or basement, many people resort to alternative methods to cover these surfaces. One of the more popular methods is using a roll-out garage floor. They have multiple benefits aside from the preservation of your original surface. For starters, they hide cracks, scratches, paint stains or chips in the concrete they cover. It's almost as if you are getting a whole new floor without having to pay exuberant costs to install concrete or other hard surface. They're extremely easy to install and put in place, and when it's time to remove them for cleaning or replacement, it's just as easy. People tend to love convenience, and that's what this roll-out flooring offer. Below are some additional benefits you can expect when you install BLT Roll-Out Vinyl Flooring in your garage.

  • Reduces amount of dirt tracked into home
  • Easy installation -- No adhesives required
  • Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate
  • Prevents concrete, soil. & water contamination
  • Overlap or butt together for seamless look
  • Provides anti-fatigue benefit
  • Easy to move when cleaning is needed
  • Easy to cut for custom fit
  • Cushioned comfort for walking & working
  • Thermal Insulation and noise reduction
  • Ultra durable -- Formulated to last for years

You can also customize your floors with different colors and surface patterns. Some surface patterns are only available with limited color choices, but in general you can create a different look inside your garage or basement. These can literally change the look and feel of any garage.