Vinyl Flooring for Garage


Vinyl flooring for garage surfaces can offer you the best possible protection against the many corrosive substances usually found in most garages. Vinyl flooring for garage floors are available here at Better Life Technology, LLC. We are the largest producer of garage floor protector mats. We are the makers of the Parking Pad, the very first protective garage flooring of its kind to hit the market. It is a completely new concept in garage floor coverings that provides you with a far more superior garage floor protection compared with other protective floor covering methods. Before the Parking Pad, people were limited to using epoxy paint and floor tiles to protect their garage floors from further damage. These methods prove more costly and more time-consuming for most people. Epoxy coating your garage floors can be too complicated for comfort. Aside from doing a thorough preparation before the actual epoxy coating application, you have to wait for days for the paint to dry before being able to use your garage. Improper application of the epoxy coating may not give you the total protection that your garage floors may need. You may even end up reapplying the coating which might add up to your expenses. Using interlocking floor tiles meanwhile might be a simpler method compared to the application of an epoxy coating over your garage floor. But the cost of using floor tiles might be too expensive for your budget. Floor tiles are also not as long lasting as compared to epoxy coatings and its high maintenance costs may prove to be a problem for you along the way.

Given the options, the best choice for you would be durable vinyl flooring for garage floors. Better Life Technology has the Parking Pad for you to check out. This type of vinyl flooring for garage surfaces gives you several favorable advantages over other flooring solutions. The Parking Pad vinyl flooring for garage gives you the maximum protection that you need against corrosive substances that might damage the porous concrete on your garage floor. It is made of specially formulated vinyl material that provides your garage floor with a non-porous barrier against corrosive substances like oil, battery acid, salt, brake fluid and antifreeze that you can usually find spilling on your garage floors. Without protection, these substances can damage your concrete garage floor. With the Parking Pad, the bare concrete floor of your garage will have the superior protection that it needs. It will also provide you with protective flooring that can give your garage a much needed face-lift. Aside from having excellent protective properties, the Parking Pad is also available in a variety of attractive designs that can give your ordinary garage that showroom look. Beauty and functionality is an awesome combination that the Parking Pad is able to give you.

The Parking Pad vinyl flooring for garage surfaces can also offer you garage floor protection that can last. The material used in making the Parking Pad is specially formulated to give you years and years of unparalleled service. Better Life Technology not only offers you a variety of superior garage floor coverings that can protect your garage surfaces. We also have several floor covering products designed to protect other types of floor areas. We have the BLT Kennel Liner that you can use for your animal kennels. We also have the Jumbo Shop Mat that you may be able to use for work areas with floors that may need a considerable amount of protection from continuous abuse and the occasional spills. We also have several seamless floor coverings that will help in protecting the floor of your vehicle. We also have the Giant Cargo Mat that you can use for your ever useful truck, van or SUV. We also have products available for your other specialized flooring needs. Our other special floor coverings may answer your floor covering needs, especially if you require special commercial and industrial applications. Such special floor coverings that we have developed include anti-static flooring for explosive workplaces. We also have special floor coverings with anti-microbial properties that may be useful for hospital and other health care environments. With all your floor protection requirements, Better Life Technology has got you covered.