World's Largest Baseball Card


We're proud to announce we have a new place in history, helping Topps create the largest baseball card in history with Major league All-star and Detroit Tiger, Prince Fielder. The Detroit Free Press wrote about the record that took place in center field at Peterson Park, just a few miles from Joker Marchant Stadium in Florida, where Tigers pitchers and catchers reported for duty.

"The Detroit Tigers first baseman graced the world's largest baseball card by Topps Company in anticipation for the Topps Series 1 baseball cards for 2013."

Better Life Technology provided the materials and printing for the 90 feet tall by 60 feet wide baseball card in center field. The event also featured 76 little league baseball players, who were on hand for the reveal. Although we focus mainly on garage flooring and tiles, this was a unique opportunity to be a part of history and help set the world record.

According to The Detroit Free Press, "Topps noted that it would take 82,944 baseball cards and 83,966 official Major League baseballs to cover the surface area of the massive Fielder card."

You can view the event, watch the process to make the giant card, and see video #1 and video #2, both with Prince Fielder interviews.