What floor preparation is needed other than cleaning? Are there tools or any other materials, i.e. adhesive, trimming, seaming or other sundries needed to join mats or finish edges?

In addition to cleaning, your floor should be dry and any large holes, cracks, etc. should be filled so they won’t show through flooring. You may need a utility knife and straight edge to trim if needed. This flooring can be used free floating or adhered depending on your preference. To adhere, use an acrylic base vinyl adhesive suitable to your substrate or tape leading edge only with an acrylic based double sided tape. If you want to seam two mats together you can use a seaming tape that is one sided or Center Trim. To finish off the edges, use an edging trim for exposed edges. Follow this link for a list of available G-Floor finishing accessories: https://www.bltllc.com/gfloor-universal-flooring/accessories/

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